Escaping the Ordinary


Hello Lovelies!

So for my second post I’m currently sitting at Gate 12A awaiting my flight for Phoenix. This trip I  finally get to visit my best friend Ariel, who moved to Arizona for college, and I’m so excited to share the experience with you guys. But first, I have to get past the 2 hour wait for my flight.

Most people complain about how stressful and generally unpleasant the airport can be. But for me, I find it exciting to know I’m going somewhere with something to look forward to. Also, I have an odd fascination with people watching. With such diverse people from around the world in one place, I find it particularly amusing to catch conversations and scenarios that occur right in front of me.

Currently, I’m sitting next to a family of cowboys waiting for their flight to Vegas and no, they’re not strippers. To my right a 13-year old girl is crying in a wheelchair with no apparent injury that I can see. And then there’s the array of moms scolding their kids while still managing to keep their sanity (“Yes, those are cinnamon rolls, stop picking your nose, now SIT DOWN!). Despite all the chaos, I love the sense of freedom to have the ability to explore a new town for the weekend.


As an LA native, it’s only about an hour flight to Phoenix, but I think people often downplay the adventure you can have in your own backyard. You don’t have to trek across the pond to Europe to gain a new perspective. In fact, you’ll have a newfound sense of pride, wonder, and amazement for your country by exploring its beauty.

Even sitting by the window seeing the planes coming in, I get butterflies leaving the West Coast beaches for rust colored mountains of the South West. I’m ready to embrace the adventures that will inevitably come as a result of catching up with my soul sister in a beautiful city. The forseeable thrill of seeing old friends and meeting new friends in a new atmosphere makes my soul so incredibly happy. So for this weekend I’m leaving my heart in Phoenix.


As always,

Stay Curious.


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