Introducing The Gypsy Chronicles


I was always an unusual girl, with a fiery imagination unlike any other. I guess you could say I was a bit of a dreamer- always looking out windows lost in thought, wondering what it would be like to be somewhere else. Often considered a “free spirit,” I’ve always been intent on living a life that encompasses everything that I’ve imagined in my head. And believe me when I say that’s a lot.


 I grew up in a humble part of town within a short distance of ocean views, a place that I owe all that I am today. For it was here that I learned to dream of visiting the places beyond my view of the ocean’s horizon.


I have always had a passion for adventure, something no doubt my mother instilled in me. My need for exploration eventually pushed me to the point where I could no longer wait for a fairy godmother to magically waft me away. Having waited until my 23rd birthday to finally get my passport, I set out to find inspiration someplace I had only seen in movies.

So I ended up in Spain.



A journey I decided to take alone. No friends. No family. No crutch to lean on for support. A sacrificial pilgrimage to where my ancestor’s once lived many years ago as a way to learn more about myself. Though I hastily concocted a plan to escape the confines of my little bubble, I did compromise by going with a group of people from a lovely program called EF College Breaks (one of the best decisions I’ve ever made).


A Grand Tour of Spain, where elaborate cathedrals and classic architecture touch the sky. For 12 days, I embraced a nomadic sense of living backpacking from Barcelona to Madrid, Granada, Seville, and ending at the majestic Costa del Sol. It’s here where I became the most advantageous with little to no sleep- epic excursions during the day and dancing all night. Sought inspiration from some of the most prestigious museums in the world.  Made memories that will last me a lifetime with friends I never would have met otherwise.

Although living in the Los Angeles area feeds me a constant supply of inspiration, there are often times where I crave something fresh and unfamiliar to ignite a new fire in me. It’s moments like these that I stand at the airport, suitcase in hand at LAX.


This is how I found myself in Spain. Even though I was terrified of getting out of my comfort zone, it’s an experience that’s only fueled my passion for living. Get out of your house, from your cave, from the place you feel safe and get out. Get out of your head and go on an adventure. You will never be as young as you are in this moment.



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